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COST & LICENSE SHARING STRATEGIES for Architectural Photography | AIAP February 2021 Discussion

February 28, 2021

The February 26, 2021 meeting of The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers™. The topic of this discussion is cost and license sharing strategies for architectural photography clients. AIAP members discuss the critical business practices when implementing cost and license sharing, including:

• ASMP best practices white paper regarding cost-sharing.

• Educating clients about the advantages of cost-sharing.

• Strategies for implementing cost and license sharing programs in your own business.

• Exploring the advantages of cost-sharing with clients.

• Managing multi-party licensing scenarios.

• Licensing individual images after a photoshoot.

• Pricing of stock photographs.

• Strategies for growth in expanding usage of cost-sharing among potential clients.

• Managing image licensing.

• Regional differences in pricing models.

• Licensing terms and variables for licensing.

• Pricing models for cost-sharing.

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