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PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY | REPAI February 2021 Real Estate Photographers Discussion

February 24, 2021

Real Estate Photographers of America's inaugural Zoom meeting. Recorded February 19, 2021. Hear REPAI members discuss the important issues facing professional architectural photographers in 2021. Find the REPAI online at www.realestatephotographers.org.

REPAI members discuss a wide range of subjects in this group meeting, including:

• The current state of real estate photography in the United States.

• Indicators of change in the real estate photography marketplace.

• Strategies for creating a competitive advantage based on professionalism and image quality rather than price.

• New, emerging non-traditional markets for real estate photographers.

• Pricing strategies for real estate photographers.

• Value-added propositions for real estate photography businesses.

• Essential website attributes for successful conversions.

• Strategies for growth in the coming year.

• HDR photography

• Adding video as a service.

• Regional differences in real estate photography businesses.


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